We use a research-based reading program called Reading Street. Authentic literature is used to deepen students understanding of literature, encourage thinking, and foster a love of reading.  Concepts are organized around themes and emphasize the science and social studies content standards. To ensure success for all students, lessons are differentiated and taught in small groups. Reading groups are flexible and are created based on individual ability and need.  During reading blocks students work with a teacher and in Literacy Centers that focus on vocabulary development, comprehension skills, analyzing reading, word work, and writing skills. 

  Mrs. Tarr’s Classroom

Children will learn the six traits of writing while they practice writing stories, poems, letters, directions, and personal recounts.  They will practice writing complete sentences using proper grammar and mechanics.

We follow the Common Core Frameworks. Core math concepts taught in second grade are: number and operations; extending understanding of base 10 notation, addition and subtraction fluency, using standard units of measurement, operations and algebraic thinking, and geometry.  Students engage in the use of math tools, math talk, and  practice the eight mathematical practice concepts to become proficient is math concepts. 

Students participate in an inquiry based approach to learning that involves problem solving, experimenting, observation, discovery, and working and communicating with peers. Units explored in second grade are: Soils, Life Cycles, and Balancing and Weighing.

The second grade social studies curriculum is literature based.  Students learn about map skills, explorers, Native Americans, family culture and ethnicity, citizenship, and understanding one’s place as a member of a family, in a community, and in the world.

Second Grade Curriculum

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