Mrs. Tarr’s Classroom

Top 10 for Success in School

1.   Keep parent - teacher communication lines open

2.   Talk to your child about his/her day 

3.   Encourage independence  by having your child empty their

      backpack explain their homework,

       put the homework and agenda in the backpack,

      wear sneakers on gym day…  

      p.s. Thanks for reminding them when they forget

4.   Provide a quiet space for reading and homework

5.   Make sure your child has down time and fun afterschool.


      Read to your child

      Read with your child

      Have your child read to you

7.   Make New friends and keep the old ones

8.   Encourage your child to always do their best

9.   Plenty of rest and a healthy breakfast contribute to successful learning

10.  Remember, childhood is a journey, not a race