Mrs. Tarr’s Classroom

Class News


                The theme of our first Reading Street unit is “Exploration”. The over-arching question is “What can we learn by exploring new places and things?” During week one, students read “The Twin Club” and discussed what they could learn by exploring different communities. Last week, students read, “Exploring Space with an Astronaut” and talked about what they could learn while exploring space. This week students will read “Henry and Mudge and The Starry Night” and discuss what they can learn by exploring nature. Students will also be reading “A Walk in the Desert”, and “The Strongest One” and discuss what they can learn about the dessert and how exploration help us find answers.


        We continue to learn and practice some of the skills that good readers use: visualizing, drawing conclusions, making connections, and using our schema to understand what we read. We are also learning about story structure: identifying the characters, setting, and plot of the story as well as determining the main idea and important details of the story.  In grammar we continue to work on writing a proper sentence and identifying the subject and predicate in a sentence as well as the sentence type.


        In math we are working on number sense and addition and subtraction strategies.  Students are working on addition and subtraction strategies to improve their fluency; this includes using number lines, ten frames, fact triangle, and learning doubles and near doubles for numbers 1 through 10.      


        As you can see, our days are quite busy and we are learning a lot. Every day is an adventure.  I encourage you to talk to your child about what we are learning in school, they have so much to tell you.